What is Encaustic Art?

The definition of 'Encaustic' means ' burned in' and was used in ancient Egypt, Greek and Roman times as
a way of painting. The process
used molten bees wax, mixed with coloured pigments; it was applied to  wood and many other surfaces.

Modern day 'Encaustic Art' is created by using a heated iron to apply molten bees wax on to a sealed card / paper, sealed wood or canvas.
This technique can be executed in a number of ways, by using the flat surface, the tip or the edge of an electric iron.


Unlike other mediums, encaustic paintings can always be worked at by simply reheating or applying more molten wax once again, or it can be taken off, by using a scribing tool. Working with additional heated tools, like a stylus or a heat gun, can add detail and special effects to the painting.


Temperature is key to this technique, therefore to avoid the disappointment of losing your master piece, paintings should never be exposed to direct sun light or displayed near any heat source.


There are many publications ( Books, DVD's), that explain the process of 'Encaustic Art' for both, the 'Beginner' and the advanced Artist.


Hopefully, my portfolio will give you a glimpse into the world of Encaustic Art...enjoy!